Shocking Fact #12

What a Mouthful

In ancient Rome, urine was used as teeth whitener. This was a common practice. I sincerely hope that the emperor wasn’t given the honor of having someone else provide THAT for him.



Shocking Fact #9


Oldest Person Alive 

This is Sri Bir Narayan Chaudharay, a 141 year old man. He has lived in the small village of Aamjhoki in Nepal his entire life. His country has a life expectancy of 57 years, and he is nearly tripling it. The people in his region come from far away to receive the blessings and guidance of this respectable force of nature. He was 1 year old in 1857 in India’s First War of Independence, and by the time India became independent he was already 91. He is a daily smoker. After outliving all of his friends and family, he has only one heir, a 68 year old daughter from his second marriage.

Also, never skip leg dayaamjhoki-6_100612100101


Shocking Fact #7

Fattest Baby

At just 8 months, Santiago Mendoza is officially the fattest baby in the world. He weighs 43 pounds. Worst parents ever, for real. “He just keeps crying so I just keep feeding him.”

Shocking Fact #5


The First Thanksgiving

The first ever thanksgiving was celebrated September 8, 1565, by a group of Spaniards led by a man named Pedro in Saint Augustine Texas.

Also, this is the fattest turkey ever recorded, at 86 pounds.

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Shocking Fact #1


Neck Stretching

The Kayan Lahwi tribe’s women all wear neck stretching coils since age 5, each weighing 4 pounds.Until very recently, modern women still wore these. The longest neck ever recorded stretched to 15.75 inches. Still won’t help them reach the top shelf sadly.